the band was established in february 2oo5 as a product of the split of `hyperactives' and `desbastar'.
after various replacements and splitting-ideas, we´ve decided to realise some
new ideas with a new band!

but this was the situation four years ago…

in those four years we were diligent at work in song-writing, recording and playing concerts.
it was a bit luck, that we had the chance to take a few ideas from our ex-bands.
next positive fact was the opportunity to play our first gig as support of `999´
and `deep eynde´.

a successful start a for a new band.
in following time we had more gigs with important or less important bands.

in autumn 2oo5 we went into studio to record our first twelve songs.
our intention was to publish our first album as soon as possible.
in process of recording we had to appreciate,
that our bass-guitar-player `pathfinder´ got another career opportunity;
he had chosen to study. he finished this recording and then the `preacher of love´ joined us,
to realise our way of career opportunity.

we took the chance with a new member, it was remarkable how he did that job.
we engaged the right man…

in this situation a publication of our album was not really possible.
even we had not enough money and no label was willing to promote a young band.
In the four years before we founded `dead in plastic´,
`el passivo´ and me played together with the `hyperactives´.
and he played also in the band `desbastar´ with `mr. samenström´ a very long time.
`preacher of love´ was even descended from the same type of chaotic people like we are,
and so this overlapping relation was a decided advantage to start a new thing.

and so it goes…

in december2oo6 we published our first album in an early stadium of playing in a band.

...and in 2oo9 there will come a second one...

we will see us. amen.


the priest of your belief,
steve negative









in concert


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